CEO Anthony Dohrmann

CEO Anthony Dohrmann

CEO Anthony Dohrmann

CEO Anthony Dohrmann, a pilot for over 15 years, is also the Chief Executive Officer of LifeSupport Medical and the Electronic Caregiver Company in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

CEO Anthony Dohrmann flies in and out of New Mexico
CEO Anthony Dohrmann flies in and out of New Mexico

Anthony Dohrmann and LaserShield Security Systems

LaserShield Security Systems are some of the most user friendly systems available on the market today. It’s development, under the guide of Anthony, produced a simple plug-and-go system with excellent monitoring from Rapid Response. This monitoring company is nationally known for its’ quality service.

LaserShield System
CEO Anthony Dohrmann LaserShield System

Firstly, LaserShield Systems are readily available and easily installed upon receipt. They can be ordered online at Amazon. You can also call our toll free number at 866-572-3275. We will be happy to fit the right system for you and ship it to your home free of charge.  The systems are currently ensuring the safety and security for thousands of families and small businesses. Consequentially, investors, employees and consumers alike are thrilled.


Anthony DOhrmann LaserShield Home Security System
LaserShield Home Security System

Anthony Dohrmann and the Electronic Caregiver

Anthony realized the medical alert systems on the market were less than adequate, therefore he was determined to bring experts together to create a system that addresses the needs of the aging population in America.

  • Early intervention in an emergency
  • EMT Operators who stay on the line
  • Wrist worn, water resistant pendants providing 1-touch access to immediate help
  • Inactivity sensing units that provide the ultimate safety net
  • Medication reminders to help avoid complications

When Anthony makes sure consumers are as protected as possible, he also is making it possible for them to stay independent longer. “Aging-in-place” is one of Anthony’s favorite phrases. As a result, his sales staff has a passion for protecting the most vulnerable amongst us.

Visit Anthony Dohrmann’s Electronic Caregiver HERE

Flying High

Aviation has been a tool of sorts for Anthony Dohrmann for multiple reasons. It is such an enjoyable part of his travels that it actually takes the sometimes sting out of the necessity to travel so often for business. Anthony credits flying with lowering his stress levels and increasing his sense of awe for creation all over the country. He shares these experiences with family and co-workers alike. And, much like his aviation skills, his business skills are flying high as well. In conclusion, here’s to clear skies ahead!

CEO Anthony Dohrman
CEO Anthony Dohrmann fueling up before take off.